This is our process:

I. Book the date.

All sessions can be booked by clicking on the "Sessions" tab from the menu. Once you select your Session, you will receive a confirmation, and we will reach out to you 2 days before your shoot to confirm any extraneous details.

II. Take photos.

Your photographer will meet you at your chosen location, where they will guide you through various poses throughout the location's various points of interest.

III. Deliver memories.

For the next 48 hours after your session, your photographer will be hard at work editing your photos. Once they are finished you will be able to access all of them in your own password protected online gallery, which you will access by clicking on the "Clients" tab in our menu. From there you can share, download, order prints, and create favorites lists of your shoot's highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we Shoot in Studio?

A. Studio settings are available, and are hosted by Peerspace. We have a preferred studio located in Allston, MA. Which is an add-on cost of $80/h with a 2h minimum. However, you may suggest a different Peerspace studio in the area, and the add-on cost will be the whatever the cost of the location you've suggested. This location will have to be booked at the time when we review your booking so that we may reserve the space for your shoot at your session's date and time.

What if We Can't Afford a Session?

A. We are aware that our session costs may be out of budget of some individuals or families looking to book a session. For this reason we have partnered with SHOOTT to provide Pay-Per-Photo sessions that can greatly help our clients with budgetary constraints. Please click on our our SHOOTT button at the bottom of the page to book these sessions.

How Can We Choose our Session Location?

A. During the booking process you will be able to select one of our various shooting locations, or will be able to suggest one of your own location.

If you suggest one of your own locations for your session, you will either receive a session confirmation notification meaning we have approved your locations choice, or we will reach out to you via email to discuss your request further.

How Do I Get My Photos?

A. After your shoot, your photographer will edit your photos, and put them into you own private, online, password protected gallery. You can access these by selecting the "Clients" tab from our website menu, and clicking on your gallery.
If you ever forget you password to your gallery, it is your last name all lowercase. If at any point, we changed this, and you can't remember what it was, please email us at with your details, and we will provide your password to you.