To make way for The Studio by Natalie Fox

Hi, I am Natalie Fox

I am a 31 year old, professional photographer from the United States, located in Rochester, New York. You may know that Rochester, New York is birthplace of Kodak, one of the biggest names in film photography in the world. My exposure to Kodak lead me to my initial interest in the art. In 2006 I took my first photography class, and was hooked. I continued my education all the way through college and eventually started my business in 2019.

My favorite thing about my photography is the moment when a client sees their photos for the first time, and a big smile comes across their face. It brings me so much fulfillment, and joy to be able to provide feel good photos to anyone who has previously felt a sort of way about themselves in pictures.

It is my hope that in the future I can provide educational opportunities to anyone looking to learn the art of photography, and to bring many more smiles to the faces of the communities I serve.

If you have any questions regarding my photography, or me, please feel free to reach out at: hello@nataliefox.com

Natalie E. Fox

Natalie Fox Self Portrait in Mirror

The History of Natalie Fox

  • 2019 | Natalie Fox Photography LLC was born, under a humanistic vision to provide equitable photography services to those who would otherwise not be economically capable of accessing it.
  • 2020 | The pandemic struck, and most, if not all of the photography opportunities were put on hold, or transitioned into a virtual space. The business partnered with the MLR Management Agency which provided high profile photography opportunities.
  • 2021 | Natalie Fox Photography LLC started regaining traction, shot its first wedding, and joined the SHOOTT Agency to serve families and individuals in the local area for a pay-per-photo business model while continuing its engagement with MLR Management.
  • 2022 | Natalie Fox Photography LLC contracted its business out to contract photographers due to Natalie needing an emergency heart transplant.
  • 2023 | Natalie Fox Photography LLC banned MLR Management (aka GoMLR) as a client, outsourcing photographers ceased, and the business relocated to Rochester, NY. Where it started exhibiting its first public galleries.
  • 2024 | Natalie Fox Photography LLC is making moves to open The Studio by Natalie Fox in Rochester, with an expected opening date of 5/1/2024.

Who we Serve

JSX Airlines
Toastmasters International
Thermo Fisher
Liberty Hotel Photographer
Sir Winston Boston
Wedding Affhairs Photographer
Statement Rochester Photographer
Shimokita Bam Bam
Victor Candle Compnay
NYPD Photographer